Monday, January 6, 2014

Pirate Problems

Ahhh... the joys of being a pirate.  The ship I'm on has some of the worst internet that I've seen in my 5 1/2 years to sea... meaning uploading photos on more than one location is impossible.  Please follow me at for the most up to date posts.  When I get back to land, I'll post those photos on the blog too.  But until Feb 13th, we're going Facebook only.  Sorry guys!  Much love!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Beautiful Bordeaux

This is a set of gel enhancements topped with gel polish.  Gotta say, I LOVE how these turned out.  Jenna wears her fake nails nicea nd short just like me.  Anyway, the set is done with Young Nails Base and Build, then topped with Bordeaux 101 and Gelish The Naughty List on the ring fingers.  Lastly we stamped the ring fingers with Essie No Place like chrome and Bundle Monster's BM-314.  Simple and Classy :)