Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The Kracken Pedicure!

I'm super excited about this.  Rock Star Kracken!  I wish the photos showed the rock star aspect better, but we all know cameras don't always cooperate, especially with glitter.  I started out with Gelish Foundation and then one coat of Gelish Star Burst, which is a nice pretty purple.  After curing, I used a paint brush and lightly brushed on dark purple glitter.  I then did two coats of Top It Off.  I lightly buffed my big toes and stamped on the octopus and tentacles with Bundle Monsters 2013 stamping set plate BM-401 and Essie's No Place like Chrome.  Hope you like them as much as I did!  OH and if you didn't notice, i have a new watermark now.  I'm about to start working for Completely Polished in Cranberry, PA :)  So I'm watermarking for both the salon and my webpage.  Check out the salons page! www.completelypolished.com  We're starting to take appointments TOMORROW! :)

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