Monday, September 30, 2013

Oocha coocha bing bang bam, alakazy alakazam

I love my mom - thats pretty simple.  So, when I'm not on the boat, I've been doing my mothers nails every 2 weeks just with a gel manicure because her nails are super weak and tend to break easily.  She's actually made a lot of progress since starting her manicures - though this particular picture is still fairly early on.  She actually has a free edge though now!  No more nubs!  Anyway, her standard seems to be Gelish color "Oocha coocha bing bang bam, alakazy alakazam" so you'll see this shade a lot :)  Maybe i'll talk her into something new next time when i get home?  This is another one of my mom's manicures with a nice stamped accent finger on her ring fingers with Konad's White stamping polish.  :) Thanks mom!  They look great!

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