Thursday, March 7, 2013

Nail Diva: Anna Neroznak

Today I have for you, as always, another wonderful nail tech.  She's a very busy women, so I didn't get to ask her my usual questions, but she did give me permission to feature her work :)  So I'm going to list her information from her Bio on Nail Magazine's Nail Art Gallery that way you at least have some context!.

"Anna Neroznak Nail Studio is the first Training Academy in Canada which presents the best European quality Education and Certification in nail industry.  The wide spectrum of training programs is provided for any level of students. We offer next programs: acrylic and gel nail enhancement, art hand-painting with Watercolor or Acrylic paints, acrylic and gel designs, 3-D design. You can choose the course that best fits your level. Our main goal is the individual approach to every student "
Name: Anna Neroznak
Company: Neroznak Nails
Salon: Anna Neroznak Nail Studio
Job Title: Founder
City: Montreal
State/Province: Quebec
Country:: Canada

As you can see from the fotos below, Anna pretty much does it all and does it extremely well!  So if you enjoy her work please visit her Salon Website, Facebook page, or her Nail Art Gallery

As for me, this Pirate has one week left out at sea and I couldn't be happier to be almost done with my trip.  Time to get home to my love and my goodies.  Until next time!

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