Monday, February 18, 2013

Zebra Love

I totally forgot that I did this nail for Valentines Day.  I'm just glad I remembered before the end of February.  (I actually have one more that I forgot about too!).  Anyway, I did this before coming out to the ship.  I was practicing pink and white gel application - which I'm finding I REALLY like to do.  After doing the french tip, I went ahead and stamped on some zebra/squiggly lines with black Konad polish.  Afterwards I free hand painted a heart with some red acrylic paint that I have.  Finally I added a silver line around the smile-line with a striping paint.  The top coat ended up smudging the black konad polish a bit... i need to remember to let it dry forever next time - unless someone has a tip for me?  :)  Anyway, here is the finished product.

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