Thursday, February 21, 2013

Nail Diva: Panther Kerli Nails

Today's Diva is a wonderful nail tech who I unfortunately don't have much info about.  She's from Estonia and the language barrier didn't really make interviewing possible, but she did give me permission to share her work with you.  She does the best 3D nail art that I've ever seen.  Not to mention that she also is flawless in shaping nails correctly (one of my biggest pet-peeves, badly shaped nails).  She also uses her talent in creating 3D designs to decorate other things like wine glasses, phone cases, ect.  So anyway, here is Panther Kerli Nail's work - Please dont forget to stop by and "Like" her on Facebook, she's got a ton more pictures!!!

As for me, I'm having a day off out on the ship.  *gasp*  Nah, I'm not that lucky, but we have bad weather so I get to stay in my room watching nail videos instead of listening for whales - which makes me a happy camper.  Its been nearly 3 weeks on board and I'm starting to go a little crazy without all my nail goodies.  I can't wait to go home and do my own nails again!  I miss my glitter!

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