Saturday, February 16, 2013

Nail Diva: Krisztina Hegyi

These are my favorite posts to do :) I love sharing other wonderful nail tech's with you!  Today's tech is no exception either - she is exceptional!  What a wonderful artist!  Her name is Krisztina Hegyi and she's from Hungary.  She originally started doing nails in 2004 but ended up taking a 3 year break.  But as of 2007 she's been back at it and better than ever!  Krisztina is actually an artist who also works on canvas but decided that she could make her art more accessible to the public by putting it on nails for many different women.  So she started doing nails!  If you like her work, please go visit her Nail Magazine Gallery or her Facebook Page.  She has so many wonderful pictures!
First, here is one of her paintings
And here are just a few examples of her amazing nails!

As for me....I'm still out on the ship - and the internet has slowed down drastically over the last week... so my posts may be a bit more spread out just because it takes so much time for pages to load and to upload photos.  I'll try my best to keep on top of it though cause I love sharing all these beautiful nails with everyone.  Hop you're all well too!

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