Saturday, February 23, 2013

Green Glitter French with Paisley Design

Ahhh!  Hello Readers!  Today is going to be suuuuuper quick because its my birthday!  :)  27 today!  Anyway, since its my birthday I figured I'd share something of mine.  This is a practice nail I did before coming out to the ship.  Its a green glitter faded french tip with a white paisley stamp.  The stamp was kind of evil to work with... I think it was etched too deep because I had to stamp it twice (without wiping the metal etched stamp clean) in order for it to not run everywhere.  Still turned out nice in my opinion.  If i were home, I'd want to wear these on my birthday :) Maybe next year?

These were the first 3 french nails i did using gel, and i think they turned out pretty good.  They're also the first nails I ever did using my nail trainer :) <3 it!  Though I think i want to start cutting off that fake plastic cuticle... looks horrible in the pictures!

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