Thursday, February 7, 2013

Glitter Heart Pipe Nail (practice)

As all of you already know, I got my Young Nails Trainer Hand and had some time to play with it before coming out to sea.  My main goal was to work on Sculpted Gel extensions, specifically French style ones.  So I decided to do a Valentines Day Glitter French.   I always do square nails, so i decided to do the "pipe" shaped nail, which i sort of messed up a little bit on honestly.  It could definitely be a bit more tapered, but i didn't want to lose the sculpted heart.   Anyway, better luck next time on the shape.  I started out by doing the nail bed glitter pink first - reverse application style.  I then sculpted a gel heart out of Light Elegance's Sugar Coated Glitter Gel and cured it.  Then I went back and marbled LE Fuchsia and LE Red Rose to finish off the tip of the nail.  After curing, topping with clear, curing again, i was able to file and shape the nail  (again, with that issue of not being able to make it thin enough).  Next time I think I'll build out a clear tip with gel, shape it, and then add the art to it.   Silly me for getting ahead of myself.  Its not one of my best-shaped nails, but I do like it.  Wish I had done a full set a little bit shorter :)  Maybe next year.  But here it is - hope you enjoy it!

Here are all three nails that I did at once, that I've already put up on my Facebook page and Blog.  I love to practice!

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