Sunday, February 10, 2013

Gelish manicure - All Tied Up...With A Bow!

I did this gel manicure a while ago - specifically before Christmas (hehe), but since it's red, it also seems to be appropriate for Valentines Day.  So here we are in the Month of Love and I'm showing you Christmas Colors.  Hey, at least they're versatile right?  This is a manicure that I did on my sister.  There's no nail art because I travel TO her to do her nails (40 minutes each way, arent I a good sister?), and its bad enough having to bring a UV lamp + all my Gelish polishes for her to pick from, let alone to bring all my Nail Art supplies to try to correspond to said unknown manicure.  Not to mention, they're usually rushed because she works late and i usually don't have a TON of notice as to when im doing them.  But I digress... I swear I'm done making excuses.... :)   This is Gelish's "All Tied Up...With A Bow!".  The lighting wasnt very great for the photo, I was in my parents basement and it gets dark at 5pm in Pennsylvania - but this color has some amazing sparkle in person.  Seriously, its an amazing red, and I don't even like red.  Anyway,  I REALLY need to get a light box AND finish setting up my mini studio in my apartment.  So... now that I'm done rambling... here's the finished product.  A super simple but elegant red manicure.

PS: Sorry for the extra rambles today.  I have no idea what's gotten into me!

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