Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Nail Diva: Irina Schopp

I have an absolutely amazing nail tech for you today: Irina Schopp.  Irina holds a very special place in my heart, and let me tell you why.  I sent Irina a Facebook message knowing full well that her entire page was in German.  And guess what?  She went through the trouble of getting her son to translate my message and answered me!  She even had him translate the rest of our correspondence so I could interview her for this blog.  I've said it a thousand times, but its still true - the nail community really is one of the nicest, most supportive communities to be in.  Irina Schopp is a perfect example of what I like to call "Nail Love".  Spreading the love of nails to everyone, even if it involves having to get her sons to translate for her!  :) I hope she knows just how much I truly appreciate the effort she put into this.

Irina started doing nails because she found that she wanted nail designs that her former nail artist couldn't create for her.  So she took things into her own hands and started doing nails on herself, friends and relatives.  When strangers started approaching her and asking for their nails done, she decided it was time to get some formal training and started going to as many seminars as possible.  Once she was trained, she opened up her own salon, Perfect Nails and her son Albert helped her set up a webpage    (www.perfect-nails-dgf.de).  She still goes to many seminars to continue perfecting her skills.  Some of her favorite seminars are in Russia because she loves their style.  She has even did 3 seminars with Nataliia Iakubchuk in Kiev last year. Even more exciting?  This year, she will be starting to teach seminars herself!

Irina started off using IBD gels.  Although she liked them, the line just wasn't suited to her needs - not enough cover gels/make up gels.  She found a little company from Munich called Cameleon and has been very impressed with their line of gels.  When it comes to acrylic, she works with Alex Beauty Concept.

Take a look at her amazing work and if you like what you see, feel free to follow her on Facebook, or visit her salon's webpage Perfect Nails.

As for me, I'm still out to sea - counting down the days until I get to go home and back to my nail supplies.  I've got a nail contest to enter, and some big changes - including finding a place to live with my boyfriend... and hoping he doesnt go into shock when i set up a mini nail salon in our spare bedroom :)  mwahahaha!  I'm going to need all the luck in the world for that! :)  Not too long now before I hit dry land.  Thank you everyone for reading!  And thank you Irina for letting me feature your work!

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Green Glitter French with Paisley Design

Ahhh!  Hello Readers!  Today is going to be suuuuuper quick because its my birthday!  :)  27 today!  Anyway, since its my birthday I figured I'd share something of mine.  This is a practice nail I did before coming out to the ship.  Its a green glitter faded french tip with a white paisley stamp.  The stamp was kind of evil to work with... I think it was etched too deep because I had to stamp it twice (without wiping the metal etched stamp clean) in order for it to not run everywhere.  Still turned out nice in my opinion.  If i were home, I'd want to wear these on my birthday :) Maybe next year?

These were the first 3 french nails i did using gel, and i think they turned out pretty good.  They're also the first nails I ever did using my nail trainer :) <3 it!  Though I think i want to start cutting off that fake plastic cuticle... looks horrible in the pictures!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Nail Diva: Panther Kerli Nails

Today's Diva is a wonderful nail tech who I unfortunately don't have much info about.  She's from Estonia and the language barrier didn't really make interviewing possible, but she did give me permission to share her work with you.  She does the best 3D nail art that I've ever seen.  Not to mention that she also is flawless in shaping nails correctly (one of my biggest pet-peeves, badly shaped nails).  She also uses her talent in creating 3D designs to decorate other things like wine glasses, phone cases, ect.  So anyway, here is Panther Kerli Nail's work - Please dont forget to stop by and "Like" her on Facebook, she's got a ton more pictures!!!

As for me, I'm having a day off out on the ship.  *gasp*  Nah, I'm not that lucky, but we have bad weather so I get to stay in my room watching nail videos instead of listening for whales - which makes me a happy camper.  Its been nearly 3 weeks on board and I'm starting to go a little crazy without all my nail goodies.  I can't wait to go home and do my own nails again!  I miss my glitter!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Zebra Love

I totally forgot that I did this nail for Valentines Day.  I'm just glad I remembered before the end of February.  (I actually have one more that I forgot about too!).  Anyway, I did this before coming out to the ship.  I was practicing pink and white gel application - which I'm finding I REALLY like to do.  After doing the french tip, I went ahead and stamped on some zebra/squiggly lines with black Konad polish.  Afterwards I free hand painted a heart with some red acrylic paint that I have.  Finally I added a silver line around the smile-line with a striping paint.  The top coat ended up smudging the black konad polish a bit... i need to remember to let it dry forever next time - unless someone has a tip for me?  :)  Anyway, here is the finished product.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Nail Diva: Krisztina Hegyi

These are my favorite posts to do :) I love sharing other wonderful nail tech's with you!  Today's tech is no exception either - she is exceptional!  What a wonderful artist!  Her name is Krisztina Hegyi and she's from Hungary.  She originally started doing nails in 2004 but ended up taking a 3 year break.  But as of 2007 she's been back at it and better than ever!  Krisztina is actually an artist who also works on canvas but decided that she could make her art more accessible to the public by putting it on nails for many different women.  So she started doing nails!  If you like her work, please go visit her Nail Magazine Gallery or her Facebook Page.  She has so many wonderful pictures!
First, here is one of her paintings
And here are just a few examples of her amazing nails!

As for me....I'm still out on the ship - and the internet has slowed down drastically over the last week... so my posts may be a bit more spread out just because it takes so much time for pages to load and to upload photos.  I'll try my best to keep on top of it though cause I love sharing all these beautiful nails with everyone.  Hop you're all well too!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentines Day! - Gel Red Glitter French!

So this is going to be incredibly short - HAPPY VALENTINES DAY :)  I Hope you're all out with loved ones instead of reading this blog post - really, wait to read it until the 15th.  Go out and enjoy yourselves.   I'm stuck on a boat away from my love, but I'm still going to make the best of today.  Anyway, on to the nails!  I did these before I came offshore.  Again, just practicing french's with my gel sculpting.  I also attempted some nail art that I hate... but I'll show you anyway.  I'm sooooo out of practice its not even funny.  I SWEAR I use to be good! :)  Anyway lovelies, have a wonderful wonderful day!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Gelish manicure - All Tied Up...With A Bow!

I did this gel manicure a while ago - specifically before Christmas (hehe), but since it's red, it also seems to be appropriate for Valentines Day.  So here we are in the Month of Love and I'm showing you Christmas Colors.  Hey, at least they're versatile right?  This is a manicure that I did on my sister.  There's no nail art because I travel TO her to do her nails (40 minutes each way, arent I a good sister?), and its bad enough having to bring a UV lamp + all my Gelish polishes for her to pick from, let alone to bring all my Nail Art supplies to try to correspond to said unknown manicure.  Not to mention, they're usually rushed because she works late and i usually don't have a TON of notice as to when im doing them.  But I digress... I swear I'm done making excuses.... :)   This is Gelish's "All Tied Up...With A Bow!".  The lighting wasnt very great for the photo, I was in my parents basement and it gets dark at 5pm in Pennsylvania - but this color has some amazing sparkle in person.  Seriously, its an amazing red, and I don't even like red.  Anyway,  I REALLY need to get a light box AND finish setting up my mini studio in my apartment.  So... now that I'm done rambling... here's the finished product.  A super simple but elegant red manicure.

PS: Sorry for the extra rambles today.  I have no idea what's gotten into me!

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Nail Techs vs. Bloggers - The On-going War

So... *cringe*  here we go... A Nail Tech, one I avidly follow, made a blog post yesterday that got skewed and opened up a can of worms.  And this has definitely happened before (not with her, but with another nail tech).  It's been super interesting following all the comments - the good, the bad, the ugly.  But I'm not really sure why there's such animosity between the two groups "Professional Nail Techs" and "Bloggers".    Especially because here I sit in the middle - both a blogger, a licensed nail tech, and also a nail tech who no longer works in a salon but has done so before for several years.  I recognize that I'm definitely in a separate group, but I still dont see any harm in ANY of the groups.  Just don't steal each others pictures and claim them as your own - right?  *shrugs* that's what I thought at least.  But this comment thread... wow.  I really don't have any words for it.  I guess I just wanted to share this with everyone so that you can all form your own opinions.

So here it is: Maggie Rant's and Rave's - Blurring the Smile Lines

Go on - take a looksie, read the comment thread and then form your own opinion and then you can come back here and read mine! :)

Here's my opinion on it:   Do I think the tech wasn't exactly articulate in the original post?  Yeah, I'd say so - but her blog is generally fun and flippant so I never really thought anything of it until the comments started rolling.  Do I think it should have been taken as badly as I was - no, not really.   In all honesty I just thought she was talking about the fact that it "seems" that acrylics are disappearing from the "nail world" (blogs/salons/magazines - everything!).  I really didn't see it as an attack on bloggers... and no offense to any bloggers, but I don't really want to see acrylics by untrained people - i just worry too much about infection - but I bet a ton of nailpolish bloggers would be great at it after some classes!  I don't know.  I just wish we could all get along and play nice.  I <3 Bloggers and I <3 Nail Techs!  I think nail bloggers/polish swatchers/nail art bloggers are very talented and good at what they do.  And their blogs are usually very specific.  Like I said - I don't see bloggers that are non-professionals doing sets of gels or acrylics and posting them.  They do awesome nail art!  And that's great!   I don't know - I've grown up in a nail world where techs are more than happy to share their info, secrets, tips with each other freely.  No hording and worrying about people "stealing" their technique.  I've even answered acrylic questions for non-professionals because I don't want them to mess up their nails!  I'd rather tell them what not to do than to say "you're not trained, I'm sorry I can't help you"  That just seems like a horrible thing to do.  There was another post about techs starting to charge other nail techs for getting their nails done without disclosing that they are indeed also a nail tech - especially if the appointment is meant as a learning tool.  I dont know about you, but sometimes I just dont feel like doing my own nails.  Thats the extent of the thought process.  Anyway, im off topic, ugh!  And I know this rant has turned a bit off topic from the original post too.  I just hope the bloggers and the professionals learn to get along.  I love you all!

Oh and since I'm not really particularly articulate - check out Carla Colliers' response in the comments thread - its a big one and I think very nicely put.  (kinda near the bottom if you're having problems finding it)

So... What do you think? *cringe*  Try to play nice though, i really don't want a comment thread like the one that sparked me to write this!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Glitter Heart Pipe Nail (practice)

As all of you already know, I got my Young Nails Trainer Hand and had some time to play with it before coming out to sea.  My main goal was to work on Sculpted Gel extensions, specifically French style ones.  So I decided to do a Valentines Day Glitter French.   I always do square nails, so i decided to do the "pipe" shaped nail, which i sort of messed up a little bit on honestly.  It could definitely be a bit more tapered, but i didn't want to lose the sculpted heart.   Anyway, better luck next time on the shape.  I started out by doing the nail bed glitter pink first - reverse application style.  I then sculpted a gel heart out of Light Elegance's Sugar Coated Glitter Gel and cured it.  Then I went back and marbled LE Fuchsia and LE Red Rose to finish off the tip of the nail.  After curing, topping with clear, curing again, i was able to file and shape the nail  (again, with that issue of not being able to make it thin enough).  Next time I think I'll build out a clear tip with gel, shape it, and then add the art to it.   Silly me for getting ahead of myself.  Its not one of my best-shaped nails, but I do like it.  Wish I had done a full set a little bit shorter :)  Maybe next year.  But here it is - hope you enjoy it!

Here are all three nails that I did at once, that I've already put up on my Facebook page and Blog.  I love to practice!