Monday, December 17, 2012

Fall French

So this post is super late (as always I'm waaaay behind).   This was a glitter french set of gels that I did on a friend in October for Fall.  I actually ended up combining acrylic and glitter because I haven't mastered forming a smile line (the area of pink that creates the "french" look).   So I started out by building smile lines out of cover pink acrylic and prepping the area for the gel application.  I then added Light Elegance's Plumtastic and Sweet Potato glitter gels to the free edge area and curing under a UV lamp.  Then I capped the entire design with clear gel, cured, filed into shape and added a gel topcoat.  I was completely out of cuticle oil... so excuse the horrible cuticles in the pictures.  I have no idea why i wasn't thinking about lotion or something to solve the issue, but you know how it is - sometimes these things just escape you in the moment!  Anyway, here's the final product, hope you like them as much as Janice liked them!

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