Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Zombie Manicure

Happy Halloween everyone!  I hope everyone is enjoying today - its my favorite holiday!  I'm stuck on a boat - so someone needs to enjoy it for me :)  Anyway, today I have a manicure for you that I did on a friend of mine.  You're going to have to forgive the pictures, I kept forgetting to take pictures myself, and right before I came out to sea I texted her and asked that she take pics.  So these are pics from her phone, and the colors are slightly off and its a bit grainy, but I still wanted to share it with you guys.  But I promise, it looks super sweet in person.  And I'll try not to post super horrible pictures again!

Anyway, its a manicure done on natural nails.  This was done mostly using the LCN Halloween polish set that i had featured in my give-away.  All fingers except the ring fingers are a layer of grey and a layer of orange with a gold strip on top and a silver stripe in the middle.  The ring fingers are all orange with a zombie girl and zombie boy stamped with little red blood droplets.  Nothing crazy hard to do, but still cute :)  Wish I had better pictures.  I promise not to do this again!  Anyway, until next time - enjoy and Happy Halloween!

 PS: the above picture is a bit more to color than the bottom one, i have no idea why the pictures came out so differently!  *sigh*  Really, I promise they're awesome in person.

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