Thursday, October 11, 2012


It's not often that I use my blog to just go on and on about something - usually I just like to share the happy wonderful nail photos - give credit - and get on with my day.  I've been in the nail industry for quite a while, but lately I've been seeing a lot of really mean Facebook posts by other nail enthusiasts that are... well, less than nice.  So I guess I'd like to share my opinion on the matter that seems to get everyone riled up: stealing other people's work.

Let me say for starters that the nail industry has always seemed to me to be a very kind, giving, and gracious industry.  Its full of techs that are always happy to help people grow and learn and become better at their trade.   So when I see people ranting on about how people should not "steal" their designs, I get a little upset.  And to clarify, this means someone has recreated a set of nails seen in another tech's photos - did their own set, took their own photo, and posted it.   Personally, I see nothing wrong with this. I do believe in a byline saying where the set was inspired from - but lets be honest, if you're a nail junkie like me, you check out TONS of photos daily.  Some of that is going to rub off in our happy little minds and influence the nails that we do in the future.  Its entirely possible to accidentally recreate someones nails.  There are only so many combinations of color, glitter, flowers, ect that some times things are going to be eerily similar - possibly on accident.  Not to mention the hordes of professionals - the uber good ones- who are perfectly happy to TEACH you how to do an amazing set that they've done, and let you use it on your clients.  Nail techs share and teach, we shouldn't be yelling at each other via Facebook!  You do not have a patent on each and every design you do - please please please stop acting like it.  Watermark your photos, and be flattered when someone decides that they love your design so much that they'd like to recreate it - take it as a compliment - not some sort of internet back-stabbing by stiletto nail conspiracy.

I DO however agree that its a huge no no to just outright steal someones photo - this i get.  Because it is indeed 100% your work, your set of nails, your photo - you absolutely should be contacted before said photo is ever used for anything what-so-ever. 

So please please please nail enthusiasts!   Play Nice!

Sorry for the rant - this has just been bothering me for quite some time!  I'll be back tomorrow with an actual blog with PICTURES :)  YEY NAILS!

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