Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Don't rip your nails off!

I'm kicking myself right now because I didn't get a picture of my nails after I soaked them off - which would have perfectly illustrated what you're about to read.  Just thought you should know that I'm kicking myself!

Anyway, today I want to show you a picture that has been going around Facebook and Pinterest a lot lately.  It basically illustrates the difference between getting nails done the proper way versus getting them done the quick way - and also between soaking nails of the proper way versus prying them off.  I hope everyone out there begins to understand that "false" nails don't normally do much damage to your natural nails.  A nail tech should never use a drill on your natural nail - they should just scuff off the surface shine of your nails with either a buffing block or a fine grit nail file.  Anything more than that is unnecessary.  So if you see people starting to do too much work on your natural nails before applying tips - walk out.  I urge you to.

The main point of this picture though is soaking off nails versus ripping/prying them off.  Chewing, ripping, prying are all horrible ideas - Don't do it!  I know every once in a while you'll get a nail caught in a door or something accidentally and it'll come off, accidents happen and can't be helped.  But when you rip of your false nails once, twice, or repeatedly, you can do major damage to your nail bed.  You rip off nail that would still be left intact if you had just soaked the nails off, and you cause distress to the nail bed and pull the skin away from it, causing the nail bed to appear much shorter.  I've even seen people who have ripped the entire natural nail off while trying to take off their own gels or acrylics.  If you INSIST on doing it yourself, go to the store and buy yourself some pure acetone and soak your fingers - and yes this will take a while, but it will be more than worth it.  Anyway, a picture is worth a thousand words, so here it is:
If done correctly and removed correctly, false/fake nails are not particularly harmful to the natural nail.

** Now let me make a quick little disclaimer about this picture.  I did not make this picture, and I don't really agree with them implying that "nail bars" are bad.  I wish it would just say: "DON'T RIP OFF YOUR ACRYLICS - EVER"   - So in short this isn't me calling out specific techs or salons, its just to inform you that there IS a proper way to get the nails off.

**Also, the super red nails are not typically what you get when you rip off nails - someone did a number on this person hands honestly.  If you take a look at the pinky and ring finger fingernail, I'd say that's about standard - ripped off natural nail. 

**Another disclaimer - There are certain types of gel nails called "hard gels" that are impermeable - aka they can not be soaked off- they must be filed off.  Don't rip these off either!

**Also, I hate that they used "u" instead of "you" in the header of the photo.  Grammar people, grammar.


  1. They also forgot "be"in that sentence (should have been: How would you rather your acrylic nails be removed?)
    Grammar Nazi must run in the blood.

  2. They also forgot "be"in that sentence (should have been: How would you rather your acrylic nails be removed?)
    Grammar Nazi must run in the blood.