Sunday, October 21, 2012

Nail Diva: Lil Lady Red

** Updated**

Hello Everyone!  Sorry for the absence - I said i would be back, but apparently my boat loses internet between 5pm and midnight, which is generally when I do my posts.  Anyway, more about my pirate lifestyle after the Nail Diva of the day! 

Today I bring you Colleen Ramsey, aka Lil Lady Red .  How she got into nails is a pretty interesting story!  Here's what she told me:

"I got into nails due to a shoulder injury. I use to be a cross country tour buss driver. My husband at the time hated paying for me to get my nails done but I would come home with blank nails. I paid just for the basic application of the acrylic then went home, filed, shaped, did the art, and top coated them. It drove him nuts. So since I wasn't working due to injury he sent me to school. Needless to say 7 years later I'm still going strong and my love and passion for the industry has grow more and more each day" - Colleen

Colleen is currently working in a few places - a salon in McKinney, TX, a salon in Sherman, TX, and she also works as an educator for I.N.M. out of LA.  (I.N.M. is well known for their topcoat Out the Door, but has tons of other great products).  On top of all of that, she is also an aesthetician.

Currently her website is down because she doesn't have a lot of time to work on it (and honestly, can you blame her! sounds like she's insanely busy), but you can find her on Facebook here, and her nail magazine art gallery here.  :)   She does some seriously fantastic nails though - including 3D Acrylic nail art.  Sit back and enjoy the photo show!

So definitely check out her work!  Seriously some great stuff :)

As for me, Im out here stuck in the Gulf of Mexico - getting over a horrible horrible cold.  I got on board last Tuesday, and thanks to some technical difficulties, I haven't had to do any work yet.  Tomorrow I'll start getting some stuff set up, but it'll still be another day or two before I have to switch to night shift and start listening for the whales 12 hours a day.  I'll try to update as often as I can, but probably it'll only be every couple of days.  Its a short trip, YEY!  Just 4 weeks, so soon i'll be back home crafting again.  In the mean time, I did bring out some nail wheels, polish, paint, and brushes - so hopefully i'll come up with something good for you!  Have a lovely night!

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