Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Just Doodling

As most of you know, I'm out being a pirate in the Gulf of Mexico ~ and while i'm stuck on this ship waiting for the boys to get their gear together (literally), I've had a lot of down time.  With this down time I've been trying to get a grips on this new nail art pen that I've been trying out.  I'm not going to mention the brand of the pen or anything right now because I want to give it a good fair shot before I do any reviews.  It doesn't help that apparently I have the wrong set of paints with me... so it'll be another 3 weeks before you actually hear my REAL opinion on it.  But for now, its pretty cool.  So this was me doodling.  And no- im not really proud of this design, its not one of my betters, but for trying out a new product on a rocking ship - i'll take it :)  Its a learning process right?

I used OPI's Unfor-Greta-Bly Blue for the french and base coat on the accent nail.  The rest is just acrylic paints.  My pen kind of splurged on me in the middle of the silver, but oh well.  These things happen when you're getting use to a new tool.  :)  Hope you are all having a wonderful day!  I'll update more when I can!

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