Monday, October 15, 2012

Halloween Paisley - the 2nd!

You may remember this design from last Halloween.  I created it on a nail pop, and never actually got to do a full set with it.  Well low and behold, when I put it up on my facebook one of my good friends Nella Hebert fell in love and instantly volunteered to get the nails done :)  And I couldn't have been happier, because it is truly one of my favorite designs that Ive ever done.  Thank you Nella for being such a wonderful wonderful friend and nail model.  I am always super thankful when people let me go wild on their nails!

Nell had a few broken nails, so we started out doing a quick full set of acrylics using clear acrylic over nail tips.  After those were on, we did a simple paint job of 2 different oranges - one solid creme orange and a sparkly orange.  Next up I used a Konad stamp and black Konad stamping paint to stamp on the paisley portion on her nail bed.  It was a little tricky because the paisley stamp was kinda small, so we did some fudging to cover the whole nail, and honestly it turned out great!  Lastly we painted on the black french free hand, and outlined it with a gold striper.  Top off with a lovely shiny top coat and then you have the finished product!  Enjoy!

Oh and a quick disclaimer - I'm in my hotel waiting to go back offshore in the morning.  Its a boat that I haven't worked on before so i have NO idea what the internet situation is going to be like.  Hopefully i'll have free reign and be able to update my blog as often as possible - but I have had ships that watch the amount of data that you upload - which could mean updating only once a week, or maybe not at all.  I hope I'll have good internet, but there's really no telling until I get there.  So if you dont hear from me for a while- you know what happened.  Fingers crossed that I'm back asap!

Sorry for the poor pictures - the orange is MUCH brighter than what it shown, however the FL sun decided to disappear as soon as we finished her full set.  But they still look lovely if you ask me :)


  1. these are flippin' fabulous! you got some great shots of them, too! :)

  2. Thanks so much! They were TONS of fun to do too :)