Friday, September 21, 2012

Trinity Beauty by Tom Holcomb - My Feature

Hello everyone!

I'm excited to tell you today that Trinity Beauty - Tom Holcomb's Legacy Collection has shared my story as well as a set of sculptured pink and whites that I did on their Facebook Page.  So please please go check it out, like it, share it :)  I'd be super happy if you did - Its a huuuge honor. 

As you know Tom Holcomb was one of the greats, and unfortunately passed away last year.  From that tragedy came Trinity Beauty - beginning with Tom Holcomb's Legacy Collection - which is a beautiful set of acrylics, apron, towel, sculpting brush, dappen dish - pretty much everything you need to do nails - and then they put everything into a gorgeous carrying case perfect for taking to competitions.  When I went to order this wonderful kit to support the cause, I ended up explaining that I was on a ship at the time - and that lead to me explaining my job and Trinity loved it and wanted to share it.  So here we are :)

 My wonderful friend and roommate, Lacey Price, was kind enough to sit and let me do a set of nails as perfect as I wanted to do them.  It involved sculpting a pink base on the nail bed with Trinity's cover pink acrylic, and forming a perfect smile line (smile line = the area on your nail where the pink and white meet, creating a curve looking like a smile - one sign of a good tech is a nice clean smile line).  I applied nail forms and built out the white tip with white acrylic - no gluing on tips here!.  Finally I went back and added a mixture of clear and glitter around the smile line and capped it all with another small layer of clear acrylic.  File, buff, gel topcoat and voila - a beautiful set of nails!  She's so happy with them, and honestly I couldn't be happier either with how they turned out.  Sculpting nails onto forms is a bit different, and in some peoples opinions, quite a bit harder to do than putting acrylic onto tips- and I probably havent done a full set of them since I did my competition in Vo Tech school in 2003.  Anyway, I'm rambling as always, just look at the pretty pictures - but dont forget to go to the Facebook page too!  The extra two seconds you take to go and click like will bring me boundless amounts of happiness!

 For the Non-Nail Techs - These are forms - stickers that are placed around and under the nails free edge in order to put product on top of the form and build out a longer nail free edge :)

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  1. Beautiful french nails!!!
    Sarah Payne