Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Nail Diva: Sarah Payne

Hello Lovelies! 

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And now onto the nails!

I'm super excited about today's Nail Diva.  Sarah Payne is one of my favorite nail techs - seriously, I stalk her nail photos on Nail Magazine's Nail Art gallery.  She's amazing, and does the kind of wild-in-you-face kinda nails that I love personally love.  Not only that, but she's been really amazing about helping me out in writing this blog feature - super responsive to emails and just so darn nice.  I love making new contacts in the nail world, and Sarah Payne was more than happy to talk!  So here is how she got started in nails:

"Ive always known I loved nails but I didn't take it seriously because I was such a bad nail biter I could never play around on my nails with polish or gems because they were so short and I was always in constant pain. When I realized all the fun art you can do while wearing enhancements I decided to go to school to be able to do it not only on myself but as a full time job. I love coming up with unique ideas and expressing myself through my nails. I can relate to a lot of the girls with painful fingertips and just want to help make everyone feel as good about themselves as I now do."

Her take on products:
"I learned on INM and still using it all the time. Im a huge fan of Magnetic - the glitters are really chunky and thick and my clients just adore them. and I love the stamping nail art it helps add a little extra to the nails."

 Perfect Pink and Whites :) with GLITTER!

I'm seriously wowed by her talent and she's only 22 years old.  Please check out her Facebook Page, Twitter, Blog, Salon Webpage, or her Nail Mag's Nail Art Gallery - she's got tons of photos and lots of talent.  If you're in her area of Canada, make an appointment and get your nails done.  I know I want to - perhaps a trip to Canada is needed!

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