Sunday, September 2, 2012

Nail Diva: Robin Moses

Holy Cow, I'm so excited to do this post!  Robin Moses - I don't think its possible to NOT know this name if you're into nail art at all.  Seriously, she's a legend!  And to top it all off, shes ridiculously nice, - she even gave me a hug in the email when she told me I could blog about her.  Seriously, how cute is that?  Here is what she said about nail art, and what she's trying to achieve:

“I want my art to reach the next generation of artists and I give all my work for free in exchange for sharing my that I can pursue my first dream that I gave up on a long time ago....painting on canvas.   It is working great and I work tirelessly to make sure everyone watching has something they can learn and make their job more fun.”

And as always, the basics:

Name: Robin Moses
Salon nail art wizard academy
Job Title: professor
City: Florence
State/Province: OR
Country: United States
616 photos

Definitely dont hesitate to check out her work at bother her youtube website and at the Nail Magazine's nail art gallery.  She's ammassed some amazing talent over the 20 years that she's been a Nail Pro, not to mention an extensive collection of "How To's" :)  You know you want to check her out and show her your love!

Keep on truckin' Robin Moses, you're incredible! 
Much Love
<3 Diva Pirate


  1. wow, i just read this! thank you so much diva pirate, it is so nice of you! this is a wonderful place i can tell :D xoxoxo