Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Nail Diva: Dina

An oldie but a goodie :) I love when you come across a nail tech who has been in the industry for a long time and still LOVES their job.  That is just the kind of industry that this is :)  Dina is no exception to this rule.  She's been doing nails for over 25 years now and still loves loves loves her job!  Dina is in San Jose, CA and just recently moved to a new salon - which she is also loving.  Work keeps her super busy, so I didn't get much other info from her, but as always the pictures speak for themselves.  Please dont forget to visit her Facebook or her Nail Art Gallery for more photos :)  And apologies for this post being so picture heavy.  I just couldn't pick!  Love love love them all!

As for Diva Pirate - vacation is going well and it's already half way over!  Im just glad I could squeeze in a post in the middle here - I hate going long periods without blogging,  it seriously makes me sad!  Anways, October is right around the bend and I'll be back full force with more Nail Divas and lots of my own work :)  If anyone has a nail diva you want to nominate, please just use the contact form or the "submit your own nail art" form :)

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  1. wow wow wow shes amazing I'm going to stalk her hahaha