Saturday, September 1, 2012

Give away sneak peek and Shopping Spree :)

I know, I know... I may be a licensed nail tech, but I don't work in a shop or do nails full time... but I can't help myself.  Honestly, I just can't!  I see all the fun new products out and I just can't HELP but buy them (Especially all these Fall sales.... I loooove Fall!).  I tell myself that its investing in my future salon (which is technically true), however really... its because I just can't stop myself.  So... I went on a shopping spree.  I'm not normally one to flash products on my blog, but I'm too geeked about this to keep it to myself.  Also, my shopping spree solved my issue on what I was going to do for the 1 year anniversary give away.  - Yes, I said the magical words *Give away*.  So here's a quick sneak peek at the main product that I'm going to give away - LCN's Halloween Nail Polish Collection.  LCN is a top professional brand, and they're pretty pricey, so be happy you're getting them for a give away.. what can i say - I was feeling generous.  Keep your eyes peeled - entry starts Sept 7th :)  There will be a few other little mystery grab items thrown in when I get to land, but if you're the winner, you'll for sure be receiving this: -Don't forget! You must be following publicly on Google Friend Connect to win and be in the US, Canada, or Mexico (no air shipping)-

Okay, okay, now on to my shopping spree :)
Last year I went to NailPro Sacramento and fell in love with Light Elegance's Glitter gels.  These are sculpting gels for extensions that are colored and PACKED with glitter.  I also can attest that they can take a beating - seeing as I wore the glitter "Peacock" as my tip color on an 8 week boat hitch.  Thats right, they lasted for 8 weeks, without an issue, without losing sparkle, they were hard core.  I was seriously Impressed!  So today, September 1st started their Fall sale :) And for once, they included the glitters.  Its only a 4 dollar discount, but I don't care, that's amazing :)  So I bought a bunch... which I'm going to show you the colors in a picture once I'm done rambling.  They are also coming out with their 2012 Fall glitter collection which I've been drooling over ever since they posted it on their Facebook 2 days ago... So I'll be getting that next week and i'll post about them then because I'm obsessed.  GLITTER!  So without further ado, here's what I bought today.  Sorry for the spam, but boy do I love glitter.  If you're in the Pittsburgh PA area and fall in love with any of these shades, let me know and I can create some nails for you :)

Sooo much Glitter! :)  Tomorrow it'll be back to the Nail Diva specials and September 7th starts entries for the give away! - don't forget to come back and visit!

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