Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Nail Diva: Natasha Harton

I'm pretty excited today to bring you a wonderful artist who contacted me through my "Submit your own nail art" button.  Don't forget that is there!  Anyway, Natasha is the co-owner of Shabby Chic Nail studio in Victoria, BC.   Not only is she a co-owner of a salon, a nail tech herself, but she also recently started a nail accessories line called "GlamGirl Nail Accessories".   Lastly, she just recently started up a blog, so please check it out!

Here's her story, in her own words on how she got started in the Nail Business:

"I didn't actually start off wanting to do nails. I had styled and cut my Barbie's hair since I was like, 5 years old and had it set in my head since kindergarten that I would be a hair stylist. Then I grew up, quit my job as a server (i was only 17) and got my first receptionist job at the salon where my mom and I got our nails done every month together. I spent many, many, many days sitting and watching the girls create these beautifully intricate (and sometimes beautifully simple) nails. That was it. I was hooked. I signed up for Nail School that September and I haven't looked back since. 
Since 2007 I've graduated Nail School, become and Educator for INM (International Nail Manufacturers), opened up a salon with my best friend (it will be 2 years this September 2nd that we have been opened!), opened a small nail distribution company within our nail studio and created a nail art line! Wow. Its been a crazy ride, but I love what I do. I love knowing at the end of every work day that I have created something for someone that has made them feel either better about themselves or as at least put a smile on their face. I love being creative and creating custom art for each and every client. Doing nails isn't my job, its my passion."

Her favorite products:
"INM is my favorite product to use for doing nails. And not just because I educate for them! They're product is great to work with, durable and affordable. My favorite product from INM is probably two of their top coats: OTD (Out The Door) and Total Eclipse. both have non-yellowing properties and have and impeccable, long lasting shine. My clients nails always come back looking as great as the day they got them done :)
OH! And i almost forgot.. i looooove me some GlamGirl Glitter! *hehehe*"

GlamGirl Nail Accessories is her new product line and it consists of GlamGirl Glitters *highly reflective glitter* as well as inlays, stamping plates and decals. So please go to her blog or her Facebook and check it out!.  Also, if you like her work, dont forget to follow her blog with Google Friend Connect!

So now just sit back and enjoy the lovely picture show of her amazing art work!

Thank you lovely readers!  Check back soon for more Nail Divas!!! :)

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