Friday, August 31, 2012

Nail Diva: Hanna Yakavenka

For you today I have another lovely Nail Diva - unfortunately I don't have a lot of information on her.  She gave me permission to do the feature and then I never heard back from her, but none-the-less - here's a little info about Hanna.

Nail Magazine Profile Name: Darhon
Name: Hanna Yakavenka
City: San Ramon
State/Province: CA
Country: United States

Also Please check out her nail gallery at Nail Magazine's Nail Art Gallery. She has 245 photos, and they're all pretty spectacular! :)

Her work is simply superb.  Intricate florals, stilettos, honestly Im usually speechless when looking at her creations!  :) Enjoy!

<3 Diva Pirate

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Nail Diva: Natasha Harton

I'm pretty excited today to bring you a wonderful artist who contacted me through my "Submit your own nail art" button.  Don't forget that is there!  Anyway, Natasha is the co-owner of Shabby Chic Nail studio in Victoria, BC.   Not only is she a co-owner of a salon, a nail tech herself, but she also recently started a nail accessories line called "GlamGirl Nail Accessories".   Lastly, she just recently started up a blog, so please check it out!

Here's her story, in her own words on how she got started in the Nail Business:

"I didn't actually start off wanting to do nails. I had styled and cut my Barbie's hair since I was like, 5 years old and had it set in my head since kindergarten that I would be a hair stylist. Then I grew up, quit my job as a server (i was only 17) and got my first receptionist job at the salon where my mom and I got our nails done every month together. I spent many, many, many days sitting and watching the girls create these beautifully intricate (and sometimes beautifully simple) nails. That was it. I was hooked. I signed up for Nail School that September and I haven't looked back since. 
Since 2007 I've graduated Nail School, become and Educator for INM (International Nail Manufacturers), opened up a salon with my best friend (it will be 2 years this September 2nd that we have been opened!), opened a small nail distribution company within our nail studio and created a nail art line! Wow. Its been a crazy ride, but I love what I do. I love knowing at the end of every work day that I have created something for someone that has made them feel either better about themselves or as at least put a smile on their face. I love being creative and creating custom art for each and every client. Doing nails isn't my job, its my passion."

Her favorite products:
"INM is my favorite product to use for doing nails. And not just because I educate for them! They're product is great to work with, durable and affordable. My favorite product from INM is probably two of their top coats: OTD (Out The Door) and Total Eclipse. both have non-yellowing properties and have and impeccable, long lasting shine. My clients nails always come back looking as great as the day they got them done :)
OH! And i almost forgot.. i looooove me some GlamGirl Glitter! *hehehe*"

GlamGirl Nail Accessories is her new product line and it consists of GlamGirl Glitters *highly reflective glitter* as well as inlays, stamping plates and decals. So please go to her blog or her Facebook and check it out!.  Also, if you like her work, dont forget to follow her blog with Google Friend Connect!

So now just sit back and enjoy the lovely picture show of her amazing art work!

Thank you lovely readers!  Check back soon for more Nail Divas!!! :)

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Nail Diva: Danica Tasovac

Hello happy nail divas!  I've got yet another Nail Magazine's Nail Art Gallery feature artist for you!  I didn't get any real background info on Danica, possibly because of the language barrier, but I'd say her work speaks for itself.  Danica is incredibly talented, and truly a picture is worth a thousand words.  As always, I can't express how greatful I am that these amazing nail techs are letting me share their wonderful talent.  The nail community is really one of the best out there!  Anway, back to the Diva, here are the basics:

Nail Magazine's username:  Danicadanica
Name danica
State/Province vojvodina
Country Serbia
Member Since July 20, 2011
Last Seen August 14, 2012
50 Total photos | 261 Followers

If you like her photos, please take the time to visit her nail art gallery, she's got a ton more photos and i'm sure she'd appreciate you "liking" her photos!

Monday, August 27, 2012

If you get "fake nails" done, please read this

Today I'm re-posting a Facebook "note"  from Barefoot Butterfly Studios.  Its kind of a rant, but the info in it is spot on, not to mention it seems to be a concept that the general consumers dont grasp.  So if you go get "nail enhancements", "fake nails", "gels", "acrlyics", "solar nails"  or any other term for getting your nails done, READ THIS.  It is important to know what you're putting on your nails.

And on to the article:

"SolarNails" Acrylic? Gel? Methyl Methacrylate (MMA)? GET EDUCATED PEOPLE!!
by Barefootbutterfly Studio on Sunday, July 29, 2012 at 10:37pm ·

Alrighty.. SO… I am reeeeally getting sick and tired of the lies that are being told to innocent nail clients, and it has to stop!! This is one of the only ways I know how to reach a lot of people (Social Media) so here goes…

This is all about ACRYLIC NAILS vs.GEL NAILS  AND about the fact that recently  I have been asked a lot about, or if I do “SOLAR NAILS”  AAAAARRRRGGGGGGGG!!!!!! Not AGAIN! I say to myself…WHY oh WHY do people believe what they are being told by salons who don’t give a care about their clients?! You know why?? Because they are not EDUCATED on the subject!

People are being LIED to EVERYDAY in “discount salons” all over Canada! (By “Discount Salons” I mean nail salons that pop up overnight & disappear just as fast, sometimes have a language barrier and can sometimes be located inside rental units in other large chain stores)

Here are the solid facts... There are a few types of products that can be applied to nails to build a nail enhancement (False nail extension)  either with a form (a paper or plastic support held under the nail edge to build out on) or with a tip (a plastic extension glued onto the nail). These products include 2 specific very popular ones that I will explain here-


ACRYLIC -Characteristics are the following- *A POWDER and a LIQUID are mixed together and it polymerizes as it dries to create a tough coating. The technical chemical name for the FDA approved acrylic that reputable salons use is called ETHYL Methacrylate.  (Just remember Lucy’s best friend Ethel!! Lol)  If you have nails on that were built with a powder and a liquid then you have ACRYLIC NAILS ON!!  NO IFS ANDS OR BUTS!!.... NO!! NOT a chance that anything built with a powder & liquid is “a new kind of GEL” !!!! NO … NO … NO… !!!!.........NO!)

GEL-Characteristics are the following- *A substance that comes in semi liquid, sticky GEL form in a small tub like container that is applied to the nail and cured under a light. If you have this product on your nails then you have GEL NAILS!!

*Please do not confuse gel nails with acrylic nails with a gel top coat. These are when the nails are built with Acrylic (powder & liquid) filed and then a coat of thin gel polish is brushed on like nail polish and is cured under a light) Also, do not confuse gel nails with a gel nail polish that comes in a nail polish bottle, is not meant for building and is applied like nail polish and cured under a light.

There are differences in these products but it is mostly the technician’s preference as to which product they like to use and also sometimes what the nail technician has been trained to use.

I will now explain what “SOLAR NAILS” are… There is a product that is made by a company called Creative Nail Design (CND) …. It is called Radical Solar Nail.  It is made with proper FDA approved Ethyl Methacylate. It is a choice of a lot of professional reputable nail techs worldwide and it has been used in the nail industry for many years. Radical Solar Nail is a brand of ACRYLIC… The same way Ford  Mustang  is a brand of VEHICLE. Maybe you have a Toyota Camry , maybe you have a Chevy Camaro… They are brands of motor vehicle.  It’s the same with CND’S Radical Solar Nail.  Companies make nail products. They have different names for their acrylic products and for their gel products. Radical Solar Nail is a powder & liquid system, an ACRYLIC product made by Creative Nail Design (CND)

***I will now explain to you what numerous people have been telling me that they are being told in “discount salons”… They are being told that “SOLAR NAILS” are either better than Acrylic (which is ludicrous since they ARE ACRYLIC!!!)  or that with these “new” “Solar Nails” they are getting GEL NAILS (which they are not because it is clearly a powder and liquid being applied!) In all of the cases they are being told that they are “Better  For You” and they are being CHARGED MORE FOR THESE “SOLAR NAILS”. Let me say it LOUD & CLEAR>>>>>>They are being RIPPED OFF and LIED TO!!

THE PART THAT BAFFLES A LOT OF PEOPLE...For some incredibly strange reason “discount salons” have  taken the name “SOLARNAIL”  and are using it in a BIZARRE way...somehow describing a "NEW PRODUCT"... something ‘better’ than acrylic or gel. AND Even more BIZARRE,  it has stuck with the public! It is incredibly frustrating to nail technicians who know the scam that is affecting thousands of clients!

The part that REALLY PISSES ME OFF … a large percentage of the time that clients are being told at “discount salons “ that they are getting “SOLAR NAIL”… THEY ARE NOT Getting the product Radical Solar Nail by CND…  They are getting a product applied to their nails called METHYL METHACRYLATE, also known as MMA. This product is BANNED BY THE FDA for use on Nails!!!  It is used to make LUCITE and other hard plastic products such as bullet proof glass & shatter proof eyeglasses. It is bought in bulk and distributed secretly for use in the beauty industry. It is harsh and causes allergic reactions. It is filed with a drill after it is applied to nails because it is so dense and hard. It has a sour smell when it is being filed.

-ASK QUESTIONS!! If you feel the nail techs are not telling you the truth about the products that are being used on you then WALK OUT OF THE SALON!

-If you feel that the language barrier is making you uneasy about what is being applied to you… WALK OUT OF THE SALON! (YES, even part way through the service!)

-If the nail techs are using a product that is out of an unmarked or non labeled bottle, ASK TO SEE A BOTTLE WITH A LABEL and if they do not have a marked bottle to show you the ingredients PLEASE, Use common sense & WALK OUT OF THE SALON!!


We are seeing more and more damage done everyday… it’s so sad because all it takes is a little knowledge and the guts to WALK THE HECK OUT if you feel they are doing something they shouldn’t be!!  Methyl Methacrylate(MMA) is an industrial product used to make hard plastic… people are not supposed to have this product applied to their nails.. It was banned by the FDA 20 years ago! It has made a huge resurgence in the last 5-10 yrs. People can develop allergic reactions very quickly to MMA. It can also cause nerve damage, tingling & burning to ones nails and cuticles. It is so hard that when it breaks, It will almost always break the natural nail underneath causing painful damage. I have seen nails that are damaged beyond repair :( Nails are lifting right off of the nail bed because of trauma due to the harshness & hardness of the product and allergic reactions caused by MMA. Nails that are never going to grow back because the nail bed is SO DAMAGED BY MMA! This is absolutely unacceptable.

And by the way, once you have developed an allergy to Methyl Methacrylate, it is usually with you for life. And your body will not differentiate between a safe Ethyl Methacrylate and NON SAFE Methyl Methacrylate. You could have an allergy to any type of acrylic or gel for the rest of your life which means that if u do have lifting nails beds (the natural nail plate coming away from the nail bed (the soft tissue) then let them grow out eventually, the next time you decide you would like to have your acrylic or gel nails done, even by a reputable salon, your own nails could react in the same way – as the allergy will cause your nail plates to come away from your nail beds again & again.  I have seen this!! YOU DON’T WANT THIS!!

Why, You ask, are discount salons using MMA? Because it is approximately a third (or less) of the price of FDA Approved Ethyl (Lucy’s BFF!) Methacrylate. It’s all about the $$$ folks… Sadly like a lot of things in this world today.

Please folks.. educate yourselves (reading this to the end was a great way to do that!)

Make the right choices and don’t let ANYONE push you around!! Take charge of YOU and make the right decision! There are more than enough nail technicians out there who do care about you and your nails and are more than willing to sit down with you , chat about it & help keep you informed!

I hope this clears up questions you have about this topic!! If you are a nail tech or even if you just want to educate friends, please feel free post a link to this page as the more people know, the more bad nail experiences we can prevent!

Carolyn- Master Nail Technician & Educator for over 24 yrs

If you would like even more information on MMA, here is a link to more technical info..

Just a reminder - I have no affiliation what-so-ever with Barefootbutterfly Studio, I just thought this was a good thing for people to read.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Nail Diva: Stephanie Mercer

It is entirely possible that I have a “nail crush”.  That’s right, this girl is absolutely awesome!  She does gorgeous nails that are not only well sculpted but incredibly artistic and FUN.  Yes that’s right, key word: fun.  I may have to go to the BC to get some nails done sometime in the future because I like her work so much!  She does the kind of nails that I live for and love to do myself.  Fun colored, imbedded glitter, sparkle sparkle sparkle.  Anyway, without any further ado, let me introduce Stephanie Mercer.

“My name is Stephanie, I've been doing nails for just over 3 years.I work from home doing acrylic nails and I love love love my job! I love my clients and I'm so lucky to be a part of such an awesome community of creative and talented nail artists!”

Name: Stephanie Mercer
Company: Stephanie Does Nails
Job Title: Nail Tech
City: Duncan
State/Province: BC
Country: Canada

I asked her how she got into nails and this is what she said:

“I was a really bad nail biter so I used to get my nails done because that was the only thing that stopped me. I always had lots of fun super awesome ideas for designs and stuff, and the techs I went to would always tone them down, or tell me "that's not possible" so I decided EFF THIS! I'm gonna do it myself! So I went to school for it and have been doing nails ever since :) I LOVE it!” -Stephanie

Honestly, I think she explains herself best, which is why I just quoted her.  But  ranting and raving about how amazing she is really doesn’t do her work any justice,  so here are a few pictures.  But please remember her Facebook page and Nail Art Gallery page have HUNDREDS of more photos, and they’re all amazingly spectacular.  I could stare at them all day.  So go check them out if you’re a nail fanatic!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Pinterest Nail Funnies

Just wanted to share a few photos from Pinterest that I thought were humorous :)

Hehe they make me giggle :)

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Nail Diva: Lisa Summerfield (Seeka)

I bring to you today another wonderful Nail Diva, who goes by the user name “Seeka” on Nail Magazine’s Nail Art Gallery.  In the real world, this lovely lady’s name is Lisa Summerfield, and she hales from Derbyshire, UK.  I’d first of all like to point out that this is not a Nail Diva that went through formal training as a nail tech until just recently.   For the most part, she’s self taught and that is something that I truly respect.

Here’s how she got into nails –  “I’ve been doing my own nails for 2 years,  then started doing family’s nails just for fun - but what started as a hobby has now grown into a passion.  I love all nail art from classic to crazy.   I’ve just passed my acrylic sculpt and am now looking forward to learning lots more.”   

She also said – “I didn’t discover nail art until later in life and so have only been doing nails for a short time compared to some and am still learning. I only do nails part time as I have another job which helps fund my nail art addiction.  I have my regular clients and a small studio at the top of my garden and hope that soon this will become my fulltime occupation.”  - Lisa Summerfield

Lisa uses Young Nails products and has amassed some serious skills and followers (290 to date) with her nail art addiction.  I’m beyond impressed with her sculpted nails, and honestly if I lived in the UK, I would definitely go to her to have her do my nails.  I’m going to show you a couple photos of her nail work, but please, please, please go visit her Nail Magazine’s Nail Art page and check out the rest of her work here.  Now sit back, relax, and enjoy the beautiful creations by Lisa

 Hand Painted Acrylic Stilettos - seriously, how can you not be impressed by this?  Especially because its so rare that people actually wear this nail shape!
 Hand Painted Acrylics
 Hand Painted Blue Floral
 Hand Painted Acrylics wth floral design
Hand Painted Red Floral Nails

Come back soon and visit Diva Pirate - Give away coming up soon and more Nail Diva Features!!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Diva Pirate's 1 Year Anniversary Give-away Coming Soon!

Hello all you polish addicts!

I've just checked my log, and my one year anniversary of blogging is coming up super soon - November 7th to be exact.  So I'm planning to do a give-away then.  What I'd like to know from all of you is what you would MOST like for me to give away.  Please just leave me suggestions in the comments section and I'll do my best to incorporate what I can into the give-away!  So let me know what you most covet and I'll do my best to provide!  And thank you to all of you wonderful followers!

~Diva Pirate

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Nail Diva: Radi Dimitrova

The first nail artist that I'd like to feature is Radi Dimitrova.  She is absolutely one of my favorite people to follow on Nail Magazine's Nail Art Gallery, and for good reason.  In my opinion, she is definitely one amazing Nail Diva.  Not only can she sculpt amazing nail extensions, but her hand painting is spectacular.  She can do life-like floral nails and one stroke painting, and even hand paints amazingly cute animals.  She works with a ton of different products and techniques.  You name it, she probably works with it and can do it.  So here are the basics:

Name Radi Dimitrova
City: Sofia
Country: Bulgaria
Personal Website
Nail Magazine Nail Art Gallery:

She's boasting an amazing 679 followers on Nail Magazine's Nail Art Gallery. Please stop by her website or the Nail Art Gallery and take a look at her work.  I know she'll definitely appreciate it!! Here's a few photos to show you just how talented she really is.  Enjoy!

 Thank you Radi for allowing me to feature your amazing work on my blog.  Keep up the amazing art!