Sunday, July 22, 2012

Go somewhere else, no seriously, I even have a recommendation :)

I'm going to do something today that I rarely do.  I'm going to send you wonderful readers off to a different blog.   I'm sitting here looking at my few measly posts that i have saved on my computer to last me until I get to land and the real world in two weeks... and honestly I'm not impressed.  Actually, I'm close to mortified at how bad they are.  So I'm going to recommend a different blog to keep you guys busy. 

So here it is - and i apologize because it's kind of geared towards licensed nail techs.  But whether you're licensed or just messing around with nail polish, this blog is delightful.  Read?  Its Maggies Rants and Raves from Nails Magazine (  Seriously, she's witty, tells it how it is, and speaks like a real person.  On top of it all, she really knows her stuff.  She's a great nail artist, with her own salon, and an affiliation with one of the best Nail Magazines out there.... so really, can you argue with that?  I certainly can't.   So while I'm continuing to struggle to get enough DECENT nails to do regular posts, keep up with Maggie, because she's pretty great.

And as for me, never fear... I  have one good post to put up next week, and then I'll be on land, ready to lock myself away for a bit and just do some new nail things.  Until then!

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