Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Bathroom Reno - Last Post on why I've been so busy lately

This is my last non-nail post for a while.  I promise after this one, it'll be back to business :)  As I explained in my last post, during my last 5 week break, I went crazy and reno'd my kitchen and bathroom all by myself.  So here are the pictures that go along with the bathroom.  Anything is better than horrible pink pink pink, and I couldn't be happier with the end result.  My home finally feels like a home!

Here's what the bathroom looked like for starters.  Pink everywhere.
All my cabinets have these weird towel holders... this one is a bear.  As cute as it is, time for it to go.
The horrible horrible peanut brittle colored countertop.  What a bad idea that was 1969.
Empty, prepped and ready to go.  Ohhh the pink.
1 coat.  I had to wait to do the bathtub because i had to stand on it to get the higher up tiles.
2 coats, toilet still there.
Countertop and sink painted too :)

Toilet out, cabinets painted.  I dont have a picture yet with the new white toilet in, but you get the picture.  Total transformation.  Thank goodness.  Its not 100% amazing, because there's no medicine cabinet or anything like that, but just getting rid of the pink made me feel a lot better.  Now I can get back to concentrating on fun things, instead of necessary things :) Like nails!  My first couple nail posts aren't going to be anything amazing.  I barely had a chance to do anything before I left for work, but something is better than nothing.  I do have a fun nautical theme post coming up :)  Until then!

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