Thursday, June 28, 2012

Kitchen Reno - Why I've been so busy lately.

As you can tell from the title of this blog post, this is not your typical Diva Pirate Nail post.  I've been MIA for so long that I decided to show you what i've been up to.  So this post, and the following post, will show you what I've been up to for the last couple of weeks. 

I finally went back down to Florida to live again, and the first thing that assaulted me was my extremely outdated kitchen.  My issue had been that I had been quoted about 12 grand to update it... but my house value had dropped 20 grand since I brought it two years ago, and frankly, it didnt seem like good business to spend a crap ton of money.  So I came up with a solution: Rustoleum's countertop and cabinet transformations + and epoxy bathroom tub and tile paint.  I figured at the end of the day, this kitchen could not get any worse, right?  Seriously, peptobismal pink tile, and peanut brittle looking countertops.  So I took one rainy week, destroyed my nails, and redid my kitchen and bathroom. (Bathroom to be shown in the next blog).

Sorry ahead for the picture spam, I took a ton, and I'm super proud of what I did... so you're just going to have to deal :)

This is the kitchen before I did anything.  White cabinets (yes particle board and laminate covering).  Pink tile... horrible counter... and yes, that post is NOT supposed to be that crooked.
Here's the products I used incase anyone is interested.  They worked great, and 2 weeks later, i've had no chipping, dents, or problems.
See what a difference 1 coat can make?  its WHITE! :)
This is mid-day of Day 1.  The backsplash is done, I repainted the walls on the left hand side near the refrigerator, and I knocked that horrible pole back into upright place and plastered it into place.
Then I got ballsy and started the countertops that evening.  This is the countertops sanded, painted black, with black rock chips scattered on top of it to dry.  In the morning I just had to sand them smooth and apply a clearcoat, which went really quickly.
Next was the cabinets... and yes, this took a while.  Cleaning and prep took forever, not to mention removing doors by myself.  But here it is painted, and with hand stencils on some of the tiles that I did earlier.  Oh + my new curtains... replacing the scary checkered ones that came from the house
An up-close on the stenciling that I did.  Honestly, im super proud and glad that I did these.  It adds just enough to the kitchen to make it not look so plain.
And here are a bunch of shots of the finished product.  Eventually I'll get black appliances but for now I'm happy.  OH and the lighting is getting changed out this week.  I may post a picture of that when I get home in August.  But its still a WORLD better than it was.

So, this was murder on my nails, which is why I didnt really get a lot of posts lined up for this deployment to sea... which starts tomorrow.  However I did have time to try 2 new products, and do a really cute pedicure, so i'll spread those posts out one per week probably.  I may even do a few more mid trip if I get some inspiration.  Next up will be a post showing the reno on my bathroom.  Again, sorry to deviate from the standard nail blog, but I figured this was note-worthy :)  Take care everyone

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