Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Get Informed!

I wanted to share with everyone a great source for the Nail Industry.  http://www.probeauty.org/nmc/ is run by PBA (Professional Beauty Association) and is probably the leading source to go to for most nail questions.   They have documents here for cleaning and disinfecting manicure equipment, minimizing skin exposure to nail products, minimizing inhalation of nail products,  formaldehyde and formalin info,  Nail Polish Info, MMA info, what to look for in a salon… and so so much more.  Its geared towards people working in the beauty industry, but I don’t see why clients shouldn’t be well informed also.  So if you’re one of those ever-curious types, check the page out and download whatever documents you want to check out.

Sorry this probably wasn't a very thrilling post for anyone.  I'll be posting something new in a few days.  And in 2 short weeks I'll be back in Pittsburgh working away with my polishes and paints to get you LOTS of new posts :)  I miss blogging terribly!   Can not wait to get home and back to blogging more frequently!

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