Friday, January 27, 2012

Blue swirls french

Wow, so I finally got around to filling my nails.  Actually, after 8 weeks of not filling them, I pretty much had to do a new set of extensions.  So here they are.  Gel extensions painted with a white french and a shimmery topcoat from Fingerpaints (hey, sometimes cheap drugstore polishes come out with cool stuff, who am i to argue with cheap wonderfulness?).  So with my dotting tool I made a little dotted pattern around the smile line of the french on the ring finger.  Then i decided I wanted to do swirls, so I used a really small brush to hand paint the swirls.  Not my best work, but amazingly I managed to do it decently on both hands... actually my right hand turned out better, which is amusing since Im right handed.  Anyway, I finished off with a few white dots in the center of the swirls and then a few blue dots just for fun.   Finished it all off with a nice UV topcoat and here's the finished product.  Sorry for the 3rd picture... its of my right hand, and was incredibly hard to get one that was even steady enough.  The swirls just turned out better on it, so I wanted to get a picture, even if it was half-assed :)  Enjoy!

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