Tuesday, January 31, 2012

DivaPirate hits another Wall

Oh man,  I can't tell you how unhappy I am about the news I'm about to share with you.  If you follow my blog at all, you'll know that I just got done working a 7 1/2 week job offshore Jan 18th, and was settling down for a nice 5 weeks at home with plenty of time to do nail art and create some fun blog posts.  Well, that's gone completely out the window.  Sunday evening I got an email from work asking me to go out and do another trip.  I was thinking it probably wouldn't be a long one, and that I could really use the money, so I said yes.  Last night I found out that instead of the normal 35 day trip... this one is going to be 54 days.  Needless to say, I really haven't done much nail art.  Certainly not enough to even do a post a week for the next... 8 weeks offshore.   And here I am,  its Tuesday morning, and I leave tomorrow morning.  I'm going to do my best to do a couple quick fun nails on my spare nail tips, but don't expect anything too earth-shattering for the next few weeks.  And certainly don't expect consistency.  Fingers crossed and i'll be able to pull together some blogs before I go... but my apologies if I'm absent for a bit!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Blue swirls french

Wow, so I finally got around to filling my nails.  Actually, after 8 weeks of not filling them, I pretty much had to do a new set of extensions.  So here they are.  Gel extensions painted with a white french and a shimmery topcoat from Fingerpaints (hey, sometimes cheap drugstore polishes come out with cool stuff, who am i to argue with cheap wonderfulness?).  So with my dotting tool I made a little dotted pattern around the smile line of the french on the ring finger.  Then i decided I wanted to do swirls, so I used a really small brush to hand paint the swirls.  Not my best work, but amazingly I managed to do it decently on both hands... actually my right hand turned out better, which is amusing since Im right handed.  Anyway, I finished off with a few white dots in the center of the swirls and then a few blue dots just for fun.   Finished it all off with a nice UV topcoat and here's the finished product.  Sorry for the 3rd picture... its of my right hand, and was incredibly hard to get one that was even steady enough.  The swirls just turned out better on it, so I wanted to get a picture, even if it was half-assed :)  Enjoy!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Design FX Zebra stripes

Well. this is my last Design FX manicure.  Thank god.  I'm over it.  Sorry for the long absence.  I got home from the ship and honestly didn't feel like doing anything.  I went out with my roommates, got drunk, and then spent 2 days recovering.  So, no nails.... mine are now 8 weeks grown out and driving me beyond nuts.  Tomorrow im waging war on the house cause its a freaking mess, and hopefully then doing my nails in the evening.  We'll see how that goes though.  Anyway, down to business.  This is an amazingly simple manicure.  Black polish, pretty sure its Sally Hanson, and yes... there's some sparkles.  Then on the ring finger I applied the zebra print design Fx decal.  This one was decent with laying down on the nail.  Not amazing, but better than the others. 

I promise,  very very soon you'll have some new fun nail art coming your way!

Friday, January 13, 2012

White Rose Design FX Decals

Well, here's another post using the Design FX nail decals.  After this i've only got one more of these to post thankfully.  I'm getting a bit tired of them... but I'm too stubborn to not use them even though I'm not a fan.  Anyway, this is a manicure I did with white polish and the red rose decal.  Unfortunately, I didnt realize how much I dislike white polish with my skin tone, so I didn't wear this... just took pictures and removed it right away.  Well, I think the pictures speak for themselves, and Im tired, so thats it for today.  Enjoy!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Variations of Blue Sparkles

As promised in last post, I said I'd show you how I switched up my original blue glitter embedded enhancements over the past six weeks.  The first picture below is what I switched my nails to about 1 1/2 weeks into my trip offshore.  You can see the regrowth (especially on the pointer finger), at this point I was a bit too lazy to properly file them down and make them blend.  Anyway, I filed off the black line that I had created with gel paint and simply added a silver stripe with some glitter paint that I had with me.  Lastly I added a topcoat (Lumos... which honestly Im not happy with... It peels right off of gel enhancements... and doesn't do much better on my natural nails either).  I think its a cute look, simple, but cute.
Next I painted my nails Christmas colors which you've seen a few posts ago. After Christmas was done and over with I decided that I wanted something sleek and classy for New Years (and yes, you've seen this picture before in my New Years post, sorry for the repeat).  I knew I wanted black and silver to be used, but it took me a while to finally decide on doing this (next picture).  Again, simple and easy to do.  First I started by filing my nails down to a manageable length, blending the backs a bit and then buffing them to a nice finish.  The blue was already there, although grown out quite a bit so I simply painted complementary black triangles and lined them with my handy-dandy silver striper.  Top it all off with Lumos high speed top coat and there you go.  I didn't wear this long... maybe about 4 days before the Lumos started peeling so bad that I just took it off.  But I did like it for the time that I wore it.  Wish the topcoat would have lasted longer.
The 3rd and final way I wore my nails this trip is below.  After taking off the polish before I simply decided on doing some black stripes and white dots.  I did the black with a striper and the dots with the tip of a ball point pen dipped in polish.  Again, I topped this with Lumos because I only brought one top coat with me offshore... which is not a mistake i'll be making again (bringing lumos, not just bringing 1 topcoat).  So far the topcoat has peeled off the blue glitter area but stopped peeling right at the first black line... so I'm still wearing this manicure and hoping that it lasts until I go home in 9 days.  Cross your fingers for me alright?  Cause I refuse to re-paint my nails again before getting off the boat. 
Hopefully you liked the designed.  The nails, although crazy grown out, don't look too bad for being 6 weeks grown out.  No chips, no missing nails... lets hope that holds up for the last few days.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Blue Gel Nails

Hello Everyone!

These are the nails that I did on myself right before leaving for the ship.  Honestly, not my best work, but in my defense, it was 12am, and i had to get up at 4am for my flight... so not a lot of effort was put in (and also these are probably the worst pictures i've ever taken, but again, it was craptastically early in the morning).  I just wanted to make sure that i had the gel extensions on, and that they would last through the 7 1/2 week trip.  In my next post I'll be showing you 2 other ways that I've worn this over the last 7 weeks since they've been steadily growing out.

Anyway, back to the nails.  These are gel nails (meaning there is absolutely no polish used in creating these).  The blue glitter triangle was created by drilling out the area, putting down a coat of blue gel paint and curing for two minutes, and then a coat of "peacock" glitter gel and curing for two minutes (both products created by Light Elegance).  Then I did a normal fill with LCN's clear gel.  I like the LCN forumla best because it's completely permanent (meaning soaking in acetone won't remove it, it must be filed off).  Finally i painted a black line with Light Elegance's gel paints, cured, and added a gel top coat.  It was my first time working with LE's gel paints, and I wish i had embedded the black line instead of adding it at the end, it ended up being a bit bumpy.  Oh well, its a learning process.  But anyway, I loved these.  They shine in the light!  And now 6 weeks later the blue is still just as sparkly as day #1, except for the fact that its grown out like crazy.  Check back in a few days for my variations of this!

Again, sorry for the horrible pictures!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Get Informed!

I wanted to share with everyone a great source for the Nail Industry.  http://www.probeauty.org/nmc/ is run by PBA (Professional Beauty Association) and is probably the leading source to go to for most nail questions.   They have documents here for cleaning and disinfecting manicure equipment, minimizing skin exposure to nail products, minimizing inhalation of nail products,  formaldehyde and formalin info,  Nail Polish Info, MMA info, what to look for in a salon… and so so much more.  Its geared towards people working in the beauty industry, but I don’t see why clients shouldn’t be well informed also.  So if you’re one of those ever-curious types, check the page out and download whatever documents you want to check out.

Sorry this probably wasn't a very thrilling post for anyone.  I'll be posting something new in a few days.  And in 2 short weeks I'll be back in Pittsburgh working away with my polishes and paints to get you LOTS of new posts :)  I miss blogging terribly!   Can not wait to get home and back to blogging more frequently!