Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Years!

So real quick, here is what I'm wearing for new years.  I went classy on my nails, and then back to Chrstmas-y for my toes.  Again,  apologies for the pictures (especially the middle one).  These were taken on the boat and I had one heck of a time getting photos that even showed the nails, let alone good photos.  The toes are just OPI Blair with red holly berries.  My aim was a bit off on the left foot too, so they're not the same, but still cute none the less. The sparkles make me happy.  And for my nails I used my leftover blue sparkles that are embedded in my fake nails and then layered over a triangle of black and lined it all with some silver sparkles.  And for it being 6 weeks since the nails have been filled... I think they're looking alright.  3 weeks left before I can get home and fill them.  Ugh.  They're going to be almost off at that point!  Anyway, wishing everyone a very happy New Years.  Stay Safe out there!


Happy New Year!!!!

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