Monday, November 21, 2011

My Space

Today I just wanted to share with you  my nail space.  Yes, I do have a mini salon set up in my room.  So here it is.  I've got my nail station completely with UV lamp and a nice little adjustable light.  Behind the desk I have my shelves full of nail stuff.  Yes, that is a Matrix color swatch book so that I can do hair color.

 My shelf full of gel, acrylic, polish remover, glitter, cuticle oil, nail tips, waxer, color, foil, and appointment book.
 This is my nailpolish collection.  I feel like it looks a lot smaller than it really is.  Lots of choices for clients!
Two photos of my nail art paints.  Sooo many possibilities.

I have no idea why I decided to share my space with you, but I hope you like it.  Gotta love having your own special space.  This is mine :)

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