Monday, November 7, 2011

Epic Fail

Okay, so this idea was way better in my head than it turned out.  I wanted to do a belated breast cancer awareness manicure using Zoya's dove, pink, and pink rhinestones.  Um.... this is how it turned out.  Ugh.  apologies ahead of time!

What a disaster right?
When I got home from running all my errands today, I sat down to do this manicure and realized that I didn't have a pink striper.  Probably because I hate pink.  The only pinks I have were bought so that clients would have SOME choice.  Anyway, I tried to be crafty by doing a scotch tape mani instead of a free-hand one.  Fail... definite fail.  It just wasn't what I wanted, and then I  kept bumping all my other nails trying to work the the tape.  So I said screw it, and just took a quick picture of the failure.  I didn't even clean up the cuticles, sorry guys.  On the bright side, my pedicure turned out awesome, so I'll show you that tomorrow.  *sigh*  I hate nail fails.

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