Saturday, November 12, 2011

Design FX Pink Snake Skin Nail Stickers

I finally decided it was time to try out the Design FX nail stickers that came in this months NailPro Magazine and Nail Magazine.  Overall, I'd say the stickers are pretty cool, however I did have some issues with it puckering when being applied to the entire nail.  But I just rubbed the edges with one of my other nails and eventually the sticker laid down pretty well.  So for this one I put a full sticker on my ring finger and a triangle of the sticker onto my middle finger moon area.  I painted my nails with first with China Glaze's Cheers to you, and then with OPI's strawberry fields.   I then painted in the silver triangles on my moon area (again, China Glaze Cheers to you) and then edged it with a black striper from Stripe Rite.  Over-all, I like it.  The first picture is the end product.  The second picture is the stickers I used.  The third picture shows my pointer finger before I added the OPI strawberry fields.  The fourth picture is again another pic of the finished product.  Hope you like it!
Gotta say, I hate pink, but I love this!

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