Monday, December 5, 2011

blue and white swirls

Alright Girlies.  Im on my way back out to the boat and I have noooo idea what the internet situation is going to be like.  Ive uploaded all my photos that I had stored into posts so that I can just post them from blogger if that website isnt blocked.  I hope not!  Anway, its going to be a few days before I can post again, and most likely I'll be posting just once weekly.  These are nails I did on my friend a few weeks ago.  They are Gel extensions using Light Elegance clear and glitter gels.  The first picture is the before, and the last two pictures are the after.  I applied tips, then white glitter gel with a swirl on the ring fingers.  I tipped the edges with peacock colored glitter, and finally topped everything with clear gel.  Then they were filed down to a lovely shape and then topped off with a sealer :)  Hope you like them.  It was my first attempt at doing this kind of nails.  I'm pretty happy with them!

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