Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Welcome New Followers & China Glaze Halloween 2011

Alright, I'm going to deviate from my planned post for today.  Sorry if it's a little lame, I promise more nail art tomorrow.  Anyway, the reason for the deviation is that  I opened my email when I woke up and had a huge surprise.  Nessa from A Lot of Contests and Such posted my give-away on her page. So a HUGE thanks to her. And thank you to all her followers who took the time to check out my page :)  You guys are great, seriously!  So if you haven't looked at her blog, please do so.  Just click here and it'll take you right there!

I also wanted to give everyone a heads up that Starlight Radiance is having a give away.  Its not a nails-only giveaway, but there's definitely some cool stuff.  Stop on over and visit her by clicking here.

Finally, I wanted to just introduce myself to the new followers, in-case you don't feel like clicking on the "About Me" page.  I'm a Wildlife Biologist who worked her way through college as a Cosmetologist.  I've been licensed in nails since 2003 and licensed in hair since 2004.  Right now I work offshore on the oil rigs and seismic survey ships watching and acoustically monitoring for whales.  So yes... I speak whale :)  And I'm stuck out to sea half the year.  I've had a good run as a whale watcher, 3 1/2 years now, but being away from family and friends is hard.  So I started this blog to follow me as I start to switch back to cosmetology.  I'm still working offshore,  but the plan is to open up a salon within the next 2 or 3 years.  I know... that's a long time away!  Anyway, I'm just blogging about nails in the mean time to get myself back into the industry :)  I've missed it like crazy.  So apologies for my nail posts when I'm out to sea.  We have a bag weight limit so I only get to bring out several polishes.  Right now I have 3 polishes and 3 stripers with me.  Anyway, I get off the boat next week, so nail posts should get better!  I'm gonna try to store up some posts too while I'm home so that December is full of good posts while I'm at sea.  So I hope you enjoy my blog, and if you don't like one post, please keep checking back!  Some are definitely better than others! :)  Here's a picture of mornings on the Gulf of Mexico!

And now a really quick post, which Im sure most of you have already seen.  China Glaze's 2011 Halloween nailpolish.  "Haunting" consists of a glow in the dark polish called Ghoulish, a black crackle, two glitters in silver and gold, and then two nice dark colors, one reddish and one near black.  I don't own these yet, but I've seen some swatches on other blogs.  They definitely look pretty, so I'm hoping to pick up a set when I get home if they're not all sold out  *crosses fingers*  Hopefully I'm lucky.  Have you picked up this set?  :) Let me know what you think!
Come back tomorrow for more Halloween nail art :)  I'll be showing you what I'm wearing for the Holiday!

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