Sunday, October 23, 2011

OPI's Niki Manaj Collection

I'm jumping on the bandwagon.  OPI officially announced the shades of the Niki Minaj collection due to hit stores January 2012.  This collection completely reminds me of her.  I don't like her, because I don't normally like her kind of music... but it's damn catchy, so I always find myself singing along.  Same thing with collection, I hate that I love it.  *sigh*  It even has a shatter, which normally I hate shatters... but it's purple... and I LOVE purple. See what I mean?  Love to hate it. Here's the description straight from OPI's web page:

" Despite what you've seen online, we wanted to make sure you got accurate information from us. The Nicki Minaj collection consists of a deep shimmering purple Shatter called "Super Bass" and these five Nicki-inspired colors: "Metallic 4 Life", "Save Me", "Fly", "Did It On 'Em" and the bubble gum hue "Pink Friday"."

So enjoy!  And get your Niki Minaj OPI's in January! I know I will! Good use for your Christmas money :) 
Check back tomorrow for the start of my Halloween madness.  All posts until the end of October will be Halloween themed starting tomorrow!

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