Wednesday, October 5, 2011

LCN Class at NailPro Sacramento - Amazing!!!

LCN class with Lina, Tina, and Nicole.

I cannot say enough good things about LCN: their products, their educators, and their owner. All of them are phenomenal. It was an absolute pleasure to take this hand on workshop during the NailPro Sacramento Show with them. This German-based company really has their act together. Their keratin rich products help heal natural nails while building long, strong, durable extensions that are beyond beautiful. Also because of the keratin within the product, it will help nails improve when switching over to acrylic systems that have dehydrated the nails over time. Even better, the product seems fairly easy to work with. As you’ve known from earlier blogs, I’m new to Gel systems, but after 2 nails, I had no problems with the application. They take things one step further too with many products containing fungus fighting components to prevent, and also treat possible problems that come with any product of extension. It really is one of a kind. There is no oxidation while you wear your beautiful set of nails, and therefore, no fill lines. Also there is no reason to take a full set off to let nails “breathe”, or to reapply a new set to look fresh. Your nails will look as clear and sparkly as the day they were put on, even if it’s years later. Simply drill out the free edge or desired design into the nail and add a new color of acrylic to change your look. If you’ve never tried this product, I’d highly recommend it. I know I’ll be continuing my education with this product very soon, and will use this line when I open up my salon in a few years.

I was lucky to get into the morning session of the LCN class with Lina demonstrating techniques. There were about 12 nail techs/students present so it was a really pleasant class to be in. We were all able to get a spot around Lina to watch the demo’s up-close and personal. After a brief introduction/background about the product, Lina jumped right into demos. She showed us how to sculpt a pink and white gel nail using the three step method. She also showed us a gorgeous fall colored gel called midnight rendezvous. I’m pretty sure the entire class was in love with this color. And the best part about it? You use the gel polish over an already sculpted nail, that way when you want to switch out the color, you simply file off the top layer and apply a new color. No new sets needed! And last, but not least, she demoed how to sponge paint a 3 layered fade using their colored polishes. I wish I had taken pictures of the sponge-painting, it was beautiful. And yet again, super simple!

Next it was our turn. We separated into groups of twos and tried French gels on each other. I paired up with Kelley (who I mentioned in my last blog). We both did pretty decent nails, though we had some problems with sharp smile lines… but you can’t expect a perfect smile line on your very first nail. I’m actually still wearing those first 2 nails with some polish, because the form of them is absolutely fine. Not too shabby for a lot of people’s first time using a gel system. I really had a fun time using LCN! Then they had a cancellation for the afternoon and opened up our time for anyone who didn’t have an afternoon session and wanted some extra time with the product. So of course I jumped on that opportunity!

The afternoon session was pretty sweet. Only four nail techs showed up. So that’s two educators and four students. Ratios don’t get much better than that. They started about by showing us their magnetic nail polish. Super nifty if you ask me. It is nail polish with particles of iron in it, so that when you hold a magnetic design over it, it changes the colors/configuration of the nail polish. Very Very pretty if you ask me.
Next, Lina demoed how to correct an ingrown toenail using their gel pedicure system called Barefoot. Talk about a really useful service. Anything to help your client’s relieve pain is a super plus for a nail tech and for the client! Finally we played around with LCN’s glass nails. They’re so pretty, and yet again, easy to work with. If you sculpt with a form, the nails look exactly like stained-glass. Loved it! The following picture is not a demo nail, but one I did myself.
Last but not least, we tried out the new Crocofever nail polish. It works on the same premise of crackle nail polishes, except it forms a crocodile pattern. It even matches crocodile purses. I’ve never been a fan of crackle, but I love Crocofever. I’ll definitely be buying it when its released. And according to the owner Tina, I'll be the 2nd person to blog about it with her permission. I can't even express how happy that makes me! I really feel like I'm on top of things! The following picture is of Tina's Crocofever nails.
So all in all, it was an absolutely magical day of education. I’m planning to hopefully attend a 3 day symposium in West Palm Beach in November. I can not wait to work more with LCN products! I highly suggest that anyone looking for a new product to consider LCN. Most of their lines include anti-fungal components, as well as extreme moisturizers in order to really help nails and skin rejuvenate while looking amazing. Like I said, well rounded and well thought out. Honestly, I'm not sure it can be topped! Thank you LCN for everything!

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