Monday, October 24, 2011

Halloween Half Moons

So it's creeping up to Halloween, so it's time to start posting the Halloween themed nails.  I did this manicure about 2 weeks ago while we were down for weather.  Ignore the ring finger, I definitely goofed it up since the ship was rocking so much.  The manicure still looks good though.  The first picture is just my sparkly orange base with black half moons painted on. There's no top coat which is why the black looked funny.  I knew i was going to add too it so I just didn't bother before snapping the photo.  But I think I'd wear this if the ring finger weren't so wacky and if it had a top coat. 

The finished manicure is what I was going for.  All i did was add a silver stripe of glitter, but it makes a huge difference in my opinion.  Well, a top coat helps too, but you know what I mean.  So this was my uber easy Halloween manicure.  Nice and simple. (Sorry I didn't clean up the cuticles.  Boat life makes me lazy)
 More Halloween fun tomorrow!  Hope you enjoy!
 Less than 2 weeks left on board!  I can almost taste freedom!

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