Saturday, October 29, 2011

Halloween Half Moons take 2

Today post is a quick one.  This is just another take on the Halloween Half Moons manicure that I posted about a week ago.  All I did was add black tips in the first picture, and in the second I outlined the tip with silver.  I think I'm a fan of picture #1 though.  Not quite as busy.  What do you think?

Again, apologies for the poor pictures.  The light in my cabin is poor at best.  Over the month of November, I'm going to aim to stockpile posts and get good pictures, so that December's posts from the boat aren't quite so bad.  Feel free to send me suggestions of what you'd like to see done.  I have tons of tiny brush's at home, so there will be more hand-painted intricate artwork next time.  Bear with me while i try to juggle blogging offshore :)  Happy Halloween!  Stay safe out there!

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