Sunday, October 30, 2011

Featured Nail Tech: Victoria

 Is it just me or does Russia breed amazing Nail Techs?

I have an absolutely amazing nail tech for you today.  I was perusing Nail Magazine's photo gallery when I came across Victoria, aka NailMonster.  Every once in a while you find an absolute gem, and she's certainly one of them.  So I went to her blog and asked if she minded if i did a feature blog on her and thankfully she said yes!  I don't have much info on her, just that her name is Victoria.  She's located in Moscow, and has been doing nails since 2007.  She has a blog, a nail magazine gallery, and a webpage.  Click those to go to any of her pages!  So here are some of her pictures.  Aren't they amazing?

Please remember that all pictures are Victoria's property, and to not use them for anything unless asking her first.  Isn't she great though?  She has some of the best pink and white's that I've seen.  Intricate details.  I'm not even sure what to say because its all so pretty!

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