Monday, October 17, 2011

Featured Nail Tech: Amanda Raybets

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Hello Readers!
I figured since I have this blog, maybe I'd use it to introduce you to some of my friends from the beauty industry.  I couldn't think of a better person to start with than Amanda Raybets!  I'm super excited!  She's essentially who I learned to do nails from :)  I can't say enough good things about here.  But enough of my ranting, I'm sure I'll rant more a little later.  Here's a short interview with Amanda and some examples of her work!

Name: Amanda Rae Raybets
Salon: A Finished Appearance
How long have you been doing nails?  17 years
Why did you get into nails?   I always bit my nails when I was little. When I was 14 my mother, who had a hair salon in our home, took me to her nail salon to get a full set of acrylic for my dinner dance.  I fell in love with nails right then and got my first job at the dairy queen so I could pay to keep them up!  Jeffrey Tuminella, my nail tech, mentored me and let me sit for countless hours to watch him and learn everything I could because my beauty school teacher had no clue how to do acrylics!  Then Jeffrey hired me when I was 15!  I got my nail license at 16 and worked for him for 15 years until my mother and I opened a salon and day spa 2 years ago!
Do you do nail art?  Yes I do all free hand nail art!
Favorite nail polish?  Creative nail and OPI
Do you read any nail blogs?  Not yet!  But I will be now!

Here is some of her work!  Remember:  October is Brest Cancer Awareness month!

Isn't she fantastic?  Like I said, I can not say enough good things about her!  I was actually hired by Jeffrey Tuminella also, and that's how I met Amanda.  I was just a happy little shampoo girl, working my first job in a salon.  One main perk about being in a salon is definitely that you get to have your hair and nails done!  Amanda put on my first ever set of acrylics, and just like her, I was in love!  Also like her, my beauty school (which I believe was actually Amanda's also) didn't teach nails, so I learned from her!  Funny how history repeats itself isn't it?  Anyway, I probably shouldn't choose favorites, but the girls from A Finished Appearance are the best!  By far my favorite place I ever worked :)  So if you're in or around Lower Burrell, PA: go to A Finished Appearance.  It's a full service salon and day spa, so its got all you're beauty needs under one roof + the most amazing ladies you'll ever meet.  Much love to Amanda and the girls at A Finished Appearance.

<3 Diva Pirate
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  1. Awww! Megan this is sooooo sweet! I love it! We miss you at the salon! dont forget to visit! Thank you again sooooo much!