Monday, September 12, 2011

Why Do I bother?

It never fails. Every few months I get lazy, or Im out of town and in desperate need of a fill. So I break down and go somewhere to get my nails done instead of doing them myself. You know, treat myself. Except its never a "treat". I go somewhere, they fill my nails, and I almost always tell them no polish, not even topcoat. I can tell that I'm going to have to go stop at Sally's BS to pick up a file and buffing block so that I can fix the nails that I've just paid to get done. Then I remember for a few months that there is just no point going somewhere else, before attempting this vicious cycle all over again. This time is not as bad as many of the other times I've gone somewhere else, but still, I should just do them on my own. So I got my nails filled here in the happy state of Florida since I came here directly from the ship instead of going straight to Pennsylvania. It had been 4 weeks since my nails were filled, and I was desperate. Luckily, I only had to do some minimal filing after everything was said and done. Much better than my normal situation where I completely re-file all 10 of my nails. Originally I just picked up an Orly polish from Sallys to tide me over until I get home Tuesday, but after 1 day at the beach that polish is now tacky to the touch. I have no clue why, its never happened before. So I'm now on polish #2 in about 4 days, so I just stuck to doing a french with my stripers and a nice topcoat. I apologize for the crap-tastic picture quality, and the fact that I didn't clean up my cuticle area. My camera battery is dead, and the charger in PA, so you're stuck with Ipod photos until I get home. So here you go: A black french with gold stripes. It feels a bit tiger-esque to me, but who knows. Not my best work, but it'll do in a pinch. Anyway, Stay tuned for more posts now that I'll be reunited with my nail products tomorrow! I should not be this excited about that, but I am, and I don't care who knows it. I love nails!

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  1. I know this feeling all to well also Meg! Only two places I didn't have to redo my nails.....our salon and my cousins salon in Saxonburg"Jazzie Nails".....I dont understand it! Maybe because we are perfectionists? Lol I would love to"treat"myself....if I could just find somewhere to do it:)