Thursday, September 15, 2011

Halloween Acrylic Rings

I know, I know, it's only September... but I can't wait for Halloween! I'm probably just so early because I know I'll be on the ship this year for Halloween. So today's project was to do an acrylic ring. It was my first time sculpting colored acrylic, so don't go too hard on me. Actually, yesterday and today were the first two rings I've ever made of acrylic. So, cut me some slack :) I created a clear base, and then painted it with one of my favorite glitter polishes, followed by purple crackle polish by China Glaze. Next, on a nail form I sculpted a cat, and pumpkin. I placed them onto the acrylic base and then sculpted a moon near the top with some yellow acrylic. Finally I capped the entire thing with clear and filed/buffed until it was nice and smooth. I wanted it to be super shiny so i added a UV gel topcoat, cured it in the UV lamp, and called it a day. Here's the finished product. Honestly, the picture doesn't do it justice. It is definitely more sparkly than that!
Yesterday I did a zombie girl ring. Nothing to fancy. Neon green acrlyic, a Konad stamp of a creepy girl, and some red polish to look like dripping blood. Oh yeah and some white x's just for fun. Here's a picture. Enjoy!

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